Colin Kaepernick: Will the Traveling Circus End?

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Ever since it was announced that QB Colin Kaepernick would be leaving the San Francisco 49ers, people have been speculating about his fate. Obviously he would get signed in free agency, right? He’s the best QB option available, isn’t he? Then, March 9, the official start of NFL free agency, passed. Then the rest of March…April…May…June…and now July has almost concluded and Kaep has still yet to find a new football home. I read an article today about the Baltimore Ravens needing another QB option with Joe Flacco sustaining a back injury that is projected to keep him out for at least three weeks. Of course, Kaep’s name came up because Ravens HC John Harbaugh knows about Kaep from his brother, Jim Harbaugh, having coached Kaep in San Fran. Oh, and they played against each other in a Super Bowl, so there’s that.

I decided, what the heck, I’ll project what will happen with Kaep, too. So here are a few spots I think he might end up:

7. Denver Broncos– I HIGHLY doubt GM John Elway would sign a guy with Kaep’s antics. And the salary cap probably isn’t conducive to a Kaep signing in Denver. And Elway seems to see something in Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch that the rest of the world doesn’t see. But I don’t see what Elway sees so screw it, I’m putting Denver in here anyway.

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Colin, you’ll never usurp me as starter.

6. Las Vegas Raiders– I know that they are still the Oakland Raiders for the next couple of seasons but I put Las Vegas there for a very specific reason: Kaep played his college ball in Nevada, and he was good (good enough to beat what was probably the best Boise State football team to ever take the field in 2010). Even though he would only be a backup to Derek Carr, I’m sure the Raiders could bring in some extra revenue by having the local boy ride the bench and play in preseason.

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Only after I retire, Colin.

5. Arizona Cardinals– If there is one thing that we all learned from the Cards’ 2016-17 season, it’s that Carson Palmer is not getting any younger. Granted, part of the reason he looked so bad last year was because he looked so good in the 2015-16 season. Regardless, he is 37 years old and I don’t think he is on the Tom Brady diet and workout routine that will allow him to play well into his 40s. Also, Bruce Arians is known as a QB whisperer (see Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, and…well…Carson Palmer). What’s wrong with this possibility? Blaine Gabbert is listed as the 3rd QB on the Cards depth chart and there were several times where he looked better than Kaep in San Francisco. So this one probably isn’t very likely. But it would be fun to see Kaep playing for (theoretically) a contender again.

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Nice of Geno to leave me his jersey.

4. New York Jets– Nothing can save the 2017-18 New York Jets. NOTHING. If this team wins more than 2 games, with or without Kaep, I would be SHOCKED. That said, Kaep could be the interesting, controversial player that the Jets need to get any sort of fans to show up to view their train wreck in person.

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Chad, I think you’ve got my jersey there.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars– I honestly feel as though this scenario hasn’t been talked about at all even though it’s a pretty interesting scenario. Maybe it’s because the Jags have been dumping so much money into their defense that they likely don’t have enough for Kaep. But follow me for a second: Let’s say the Jags decide to finally give up on “franchise QB” Blake Bortles. Kaep would join an offense with 2017 first-round pick RB Leonard Fournette, promising young WRs Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns, and a solid o-line with 2017 second-round pick Cam Robinon, up-and-comer AJ Cann, veteran Branden Albert, and the highest-paid C in NFL history, Brandon Linder. That, plus the part about the money that the Jags have been pouring into their defense would make for an easy job for Kaep. But, then, that job is supposed to be easy for Bortles, too. He makes it look IMMENSELY difficult.

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Calm down, Colin. I’ll only be out for a few weeks.

2. Baltimore Ravens– (see the first paragraph of this article) He’d mostly be a temp in this scenario.

1. Retirement– Let’s be honest, this is far and away the most realistic scenario on this list. The league has turned his back on him because of his controversial pregame national anthem antics. The National Football League prides itself on being patriotic (hence the annual “Salute to Service” week), and Kaep certainly isn’t. The anti-Kaep sentiment doesn’t just run amongst NFL front offices, either. Fans of teams who have been working out Kaepernick have been protesting against his signing, including his most recently visited team (just a couple days ago), Baltimore.

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Darrelle Revis Assault and Standing Strong Alone

Just an interesting factoid: In the first one and a half months of this year, we have already surpassed the like count and comment count from my first blogging year (2015). You guys all rock! I appreciate the support and I hope you guys enjoy reading my content as much as I enjoy writing. Whether it’s the highs or lows of life or in sports, you guys consistently show up. Thank you!

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Darrelle Revis. There’s a lot to cover with just that one name. The New York Jets CB and future Hall of Famer has been talked about a LOT over the last year, and most of it has not been good. Well, it has gotten worse. Darrelle Revis was charged with four felonies and a misdemeanor tonight. The news is coming on the heels of an altercation in Pittsburgh Darrelle Revis allegedly got into over the weekend, in which he punched two guys, rendering them unconscious. He has still yet to turn himself in to the police. Revis is already skating on thin ice in New York after a dismal performance during the 2016 season, despite his offer to move to S. There has been a lot of speculation about the New York Jets getting rid of him this offseason. I was on the fence until this encounter. Now, I don’t see the New York Jets as having a choice. They need to move into rebuilding mode now with the age of their roster, and getting rid of Darrelle Revis will be part of that. Might as well do it now, rather than later.

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#24: Loneliness, Harry Potter, and More

Alright, so, after a very uneventful weekend, I’ve got a couple of things on my mind:

First of all, I’d like to rant AGAINST Harry Potter. I read a post from another blogger the other day, professing their love for JK Rowling and Harry Potter…well, I read part of it until I began to feel a wave of nausea wash over me… :\. Anyway, my point is this: Harry Potter is unbelievably overrated. First, the books. Oh my gosh, the books. I have attempted to read the first one AT LEAST five times. I have never gotten more than halfway through it. It is SO boring. Seriously, Moby Dick is less detailed than Harry Potter and, for the record, Moby Dick is much more well-written, and the story is more entertaining. Now, I will grant that detailed books are an acquired taste; I know some people like more detail, so the boring books aren’t my only evidence for the disaster that is Harry Potter. This is where I move on to the movies. Frankly, they were just another lousy attempt to make a ridiculous amount of money. The first few technically had the best stories, but they were ruined by the acting performances. Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson were not yet good, as they were still too young. In fact, they had Star Wars-prequel-level acting performances. Yeah, they were THAT bad. Luckily, Radcliffe figured out how to act for the last few movies, and Emma Watson matured enough to be good-looking, so the audience could understand the whole, obligatory love story that EVERY movie must have these days. Unfortunately, the last few movies were ruined by stretching out the story and overused special effects. Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 were all the proof that we needed for that. Also, think about the character of Harry Potter: He is a whiny, over-privileged kid, who is basically just out for his revenge against the monster who killed his parents and almost killed him. Does that really sound like a protagonist/hero type? I’d say he’s the antagonist/villain. Which makes the whole series some big, twisted joke, I suppose. Maybe Rowling intended it that way? If that is the case, then Rowling is much smarter than I thought. Regardless, Voldemort could have saved us all a lot of trouble if he had been able to kill Harry Potter before the story even began.

Second of all, another win-win-win weekend. A victory for Boise State on Friday, a victory for the New York Giants today, and a victory for the Portland Trail Blazers today. Also, I was psyched to find out that, if the NFL season ended today, the Giants would have the 5th seed in the playoffs. That’s pretty good, considering they haven’t made the playoffs since 2011-12, when they won Super Bowl 46.

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Those weren’t the only games I watched today, though. I watched two different games with two different DU friends. I watched the Indianapolis Colts-Green Bay Packers game with my friend, Maddie. She’s a Packers fan, so she didn’t really appreciate the outcome of that game. Inside, however, I was psyched. If the Packers had won, they would be in the 5th seed in the NFC right now, and the Giants would be relegated to the 6th seed. The second game I watched was the Denver Broncos-Oakland Raiders game, with my friend, Ben. He’s a Raiders fan, so he was PSYCHED. For those of you who are unaware, the Raiders victory in that game put them in 1st place in the highly-contested AFC West. Surprisingly, no Broncos fans joined me and Ben in watching that game, even though they are the local team. Maybe Ben’s Raiders jersey scared them off?


Changing gears a little, I figured I would talk about a slightly…heavier?…topic: loneliness. It’s always fascinating to me when I read some tweets from former classmates about wishing they could have a special someone in their lives. Of course, those tweets tend to be from women because, for us men, society deems it “unmanly” to be vulnerable like that. Well, ladies, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. I don’t know how many other guys will admit this vulnerability, too, but we are also lonely. I know what it’s like to be in a relationship, and, while there are some drawbacks, it ultimately seems worth it. I thought about this when my roommate came back this morning from another one of his one-night stands; He’s had so many that I think he’s lost count. But, he told me that he doesn’t know much about relationships because he hasn’t ever had a true girlfriend. Well, I can honestly say that I know nothing about one-night stands, but I would assume that they aren’t meaningful like true relationships are. On a side note, it seems like a lot of people here at DU have a boyfriend or a girlfriend back home. It also seems like a lot of them are unfaithful. In fact, one of my DU friends is not loyal to his girlfriend back home, but I will leave him unnamed. If that’s the kind of person he wants to be, that’s his choice. Anyway, it’s hard to know who’s available when you don’t party (like me), and when there are people who are concealing other relationships. I’m not going to help a girl cheat on her boyfriend back home. I don’t even get how people could be okay with themselves for doing that sort of thing. I still feel some sense of loyalty to my ex (which is why I reference her in this blog more often than I would like, and here’s another example), even though I owe her nothing. Essentially, the struggle with loneliness is quite real for most people.

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Why don’t people truly appreciate the kind, smiling, and wise people? Anyway, this is so true (except the sad-brightest smile one; I smile brightly, and I’m not usually sad. Of course, it’s possible that I don’t smile as brightly as I think I do?), and it makes the next quote make even less sense:
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I don’t understand why the selfless people get the short end of the stick. Maybe this is the ultimate example of how life is unfair?

On a MUCH lighter note, I was thinking about getting a Damian Lillard jersey because I only have one Trail Blazers shirt right now, and I don’t want to wear that two days in a row when the Blazers have back-to-back gamedays. Thoughts?

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New York Jets

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Founded: 1960

All-Time Winning Percentage: 45.9%

All-Time Record: (365-431-8)

Sorry, mom, but you know they haven’t been good, historically. They have just one Super Bowl win, and that was “The Guarantee”, Super Bowl III. Also, the list of Jets legends includes: QB Joe Namath, RB Curtis Martin, and…that’s all I’ve got. If you can think of any Jets legends, list them in the comments; They can’t be current players that will go down as legends (meaning C Nick Mangold and CB Darrelle Revis don’t count). Anyway, that Super Bowl and a few runs to the AFC championship are the only thing holding the Jets at #24. On a side note, this season continues to get rougher for the Jets. They lost to the Miami Dolphins today, and their best quality (their run defense) allowed over 100 yards to RB Jay Ajayi. On a side^2 note, Ajayi has proven for the 3rd straight game that, not only is he a legit starting RB in the NFL, but he’s one of the best at the moment.

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#30: ESPN, NBA, Forbes, and More

Before I begin, I’d like to point out that the New York Jets have declared QB Geno Smith, starter for their game on Sunday. [Insert laugh here].

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Also, of course the New York Giants end their losing streak when I decide to watch The Accountant instead of the second half of the game. By the way, if you haven’t seen that movie, I recommend it. Ben Affleck was great. Though, the movie was essentially a total waste of Anna Kendrick. She can act! Let her act without singing for once, PLEASE! (For the record, she doesn’t sing in this movie, she just doesn’t get much of a chance to act, either.)

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Anna Kendrick (left) and Ben Affleck (right) in The Accountant



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ESPN Films

Perhaps you have heard of ESPN’s films called, “30 For 30”. It started in October of 2009, seven years ago, the subject being Wayne Gretzky. Since then, the documentary series that has been following sports stories on and off the fields, courts, etc, has won Peabody and Emmy awards. If you ever get the chance, I would highly recommend watching a few. They have some really inspirational stories. Here’s the link to the “30 For 30” homepage.

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So, the NBA has 30 teams. Due to this fact, used the month of September (which has 30 days in it) to do a season preview for every NBA team, in worst-to-first fashion. Don’t worry, I won’t put all 30 team analyses in here, but I will encourage you to check them out for yourself (or at least check out your favorite NBA team). By the way, GO BLAZERS! RIP CITY ALL THE WAY!

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Forbes Summit

Well, Forbes had some Under 30 Summit. It’s supposed to have panels of young, influential celebrities, but some of the people listed as being part of the panels were DEFINITELY older than 30. So, I’ll let you guys figure out what this is, exactly. I DO know that it was in Boston, MA this year (or will be?).

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Jessica Alba is one of the youngest speakers on the panel and she’s 35. For those of you keeping track, that’s OVER 30.

Most Influential Teens of 2016

Okay, I give up on understanding these lists. The article is called, “The 30 Most Influential Teens of 2016“, and there are only 29!!! WHAT THE…

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Simone Biles is 1 of 4 Olympians on the list of 29, not 30. Shout out to our US Olympians!

New Orleans Saints

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Founded: 1967

All-Time Winning Percentage: 43.7%

All-Time Record: (306-395-5)

I confess, there is another team tied with the Saints in all-time winning percentage, but that team is ahead of the Saints because that team has been around longer. Actually, when I announce that team tomorrow, it will be a nuclear bomb. Okay, not that big, but it’s pretty crazy (hint: it’s one of the Saints division rivals, and it’s not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because they’ve already been announced). The Saints have still only won one Super Bowl (SB 44) thanks to QB Drew Brees and head coach Sean Payton (who are both still together in New Orleans, despite the fact that they haven’t even come close to getting back to the Super Bowl). QB Archie Manning apparently didn’t help them out too much during his tenure there a while ago. On the bright side, the Saints do have Verizon’s most reliable backup QB. 🙂

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“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald, Author

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe, Tennis Player

I chose two daily quotes today. I looked up the word ‘start’, and these two quotes spoke to me for two VERY different reasons. I’m not really sure how to word the way in which the first quote spoke to me. Here’s my best shot: There are many things I wish I had persisted with, that I have let vanish, either because I wanted to, or because others wanted me to. Maybe, those things haven’t vanished? Maybe, their vitality is still there because of an opportunity to start over? All good things must come to an end, but there is no rule about them not coming back. There are meaningful times in my life that I have lost, and I hope that I will get to start them over again. The first quote gives me hope.

The second quote spoke to me because it is the type of quote I was looking for today. I looked up ‘start’ because the New York Giants have officially started their season 2-0 for the first time in a while! They are using what they have (a new head coach and $200 million improvements on defense) to do what they can to win (DT Jonathan Hankins blocked a New Orleans Saints field goal attempt, and CB Janoris Jenkins returned the block for a touchdown). It also serves as a reminder to focus on the moment. We can’t focus on the past, we just have what we have, and we need to use what we have for right now.

The variety of starts for different NFL teams surprises me this season. For example, I never, EVER would have guessed that the Giants would start 2-0. Here are a few other surprises: Arizona Cardinals (1-1; I would’ve guessed 2-0 many times over), Baltimore Ravens (2-0; They had two easy games, but they’re the RAVENS), Denver Broncos (2-0; I figured they’d skip a beat with QB Trevor Siemian at the helm and go 1-1), Houston Texans (2-0; QB Brock Osweiler hasn’t played particularly well, and RB Lamar Miller takes 30 carries to reach 100 yards, yet, they have won two straight), Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2; I thought this would be the season they turn things around, and possibly start 2-0), Minnesota Vikings (2-0; They don’t have QB Teddy Bridgewater!), Indianapolis Colts (0-2; It’s hard to believe that they were in the playoffs just a couple of years ago because they look TERRIBLE now)

Just a quick note: I am REALLY excited about the Giants 2-0 start. That DOES NOT happen for my team very often. What’s even crazier, is that the favorite teams of my friends and family are NOT 2-0! Those teams include the New York Jets, the Detroit Lions, the Green Bay Packers, the Oakland Raiders, and the Kansas City Chiefs. I REALLY hope the Giants can keep this up. In order to do so, the offense needs to step up because the defense has been having to do too much, thus far. Also, my team needs to continue to FINISH. That was the hardest thing for the Giants of last season. My team lost most of its games in the last two minutes, last season. This year, they have proven that they are at least CAPABLE of finishing games, as they’ve won both of their games in the last two minutes. Great job G-men! I’m so proud of you!

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Spread The Love

(The daily scene consists of fan reactions to the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones. If you don’t want spoilers, DO NOT click on the link. Also, there is some minor language in some of the reactions.) “It’s always important to stay in contact with the fans, because ultimately, if they weren’t there, I wouldn’t be here. It’s very, very important to spread the love.” -Ross Lynch, Actor

Well, I guess you can call it fan appreciation day! I looked up “spread the love”, and that quote said it all. I want to keep up my posts for you guys, and I want to hear comments from you guys because that’s why I’m here. I post because I want to, and because I like to hear your guys’ take on what I talk about. It’s refreshing to hear other perspectives. I never pretend that I know everything. Depending on how many of my posts you’ve read, you probably know by now that I admit to making LOADS of mistakes, and those have lead to regrets. My posting allows me to admit my mistakes, and you guys frequently comment with either words of inspiration, or polite corrections of my mistakes, and I REALLY appreciate that. Anyway, my question of the day is as follows:

What would you like me to post about?

Tell me what you want to hear about. I want to keep you guys reading, so I would love to do a series of fan-requested topics in my posts. Feel free to make as many requests as you want, and I will make sure that I cater to as many of them as possible. I’m really excited about this idea!

Now, the reason that I looked up “spread the love” was the New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills game, tonight. The Jets won, 37-31. They did so by spreading the love amongst their offensive weapons. WRs Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, and Quincy Enunwa all finished with AT LEAST 90 yards receiving. Naturally, that means QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was north of the 300 yard passing mark. Even more impressive was that, in addition to those outstanding offensive performances, RB Matt Forte finished with EXACTLY 100 yards rushing. They were hard-earned yards, too. I was actually rather impressed with the Bills stifling defensive line throughout the game, especially DE Jerry Hughes. A great, back and forth game throughout, the Jets snapped their streak of terrible performances against the Bills. Congrats, Jets!

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Updated Win Projections

I know I promised this a while ago following the New York Jets re-signing of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. Well, it’s finally here:

2016 NFL Win Projections Updated

With Fitz in Jets green this year, I have a shocking change in the projections. I have the Jets clinching homefield advantage. Yep, I’m as over-confident in the Jets as Jets WR Brandon Marshall. So, with the Jets rising to the top in the AFC, the New England Patriots take the top wildcard spot. With the Patriots being pushed into a wildcard spot, they push the Jacksonville Jaguars out of the playoffs entirely. That part bummed me out the most. I was leaning toward the Jags being in the AFC Championship. Oh well. This gives me another setback in my playoff win projections. I still haven’t gotten my gut feeling yet to finalize those.

On a side note, I want to say thank you to all of you, readers! I have taken a couple of days off because I’ve been feeling a little out of it lately, and my blog views INCREASED! You are all awesome! Don’t forget to let me know if you see something (or don’t see something) you like (or something you don’t like) because I want to make you all as happy to read my blog as you make me by reading it. Thank you!

Daily Update: August 4, 2016

“Canoeists are no self-promoter and usually rather quiet people.” -Birgit Fischer (8 gold medals), Canoeist, Germany

Germany comes in third-place in all-time gold medal count. I couldn’t find any one-liners from their top gold-medalist, Fischer, but I did find an interview with this statement in it. It seemed fitting because that alone was so difficult to find. Then I started thinking about the dynamic of different sports. I disagree with her. I believe that, due to canoeing’s smaller audience than say, that of basketball, they end up getting a little lost in the mix. However, I don’t think canoeists are any quieter than athletes in other sports. There are quiet athletes and loud athletes in every sport. Ultimately, the athletes define the ‘quiet factor’, not the sports they participate in. For example, there are many outspoken NFL players, such as the Bennett brothers:

  1. The Bennett brother angle was  just something that I thought would lead into the news nicely. They talked about some of the players that they have played with, mainly TE Martellus Bennett (New England Patriots) criticized his former QBs, Eli Manning and Jay Cutler, while his brother, DE Michael Bennett (Seattle Seahawks), talked about DE JJ Watt (Houston Texans). However, Michael also managed to get himself kicked out of practice today for getting into a skirmish with OG Mark Glowinski. Apparently, Bennett has been fighting with a lot of Seattle o-lineman, as he has been destroying them in practice.
  2. The New York Jets may have QB Ryan Fitzpatrick back, but have now lost RB Matt Forte (briefly) to an injury. Forte tweaked his hamstring in practice, and will miss the team’s first preseason game. Not a big deal. It’s just preseason now and Forte doesn’t have any legitimate competition for the starting gig. He’ll be ready to go for the regular season.
  3. The Kansas City Chiefs signed QB Nick Foles. Foles will make $1.75 million this season, as a result. There is also a team option for the following season, worth up to $16 million based on his performance this season. QB Alex Smith is still a lock to start in Kansas City, but he is starting to get old, and is known as the ‘checkdown king’. Foles could be the shot of youth and risk-taking ability that the Chiefs need.
  4. The New York Giants have signed free agent CB Leon Hall to a one-year contract. Hall will receive up to $2 million for his services. GREAT signing by the Giants. Hall is still capable as a CB 3 (in my opinion), and will play CB4 in New York behind Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Janoris Jenkins, and 2016 first-round draft pick Eli Apple. The Giants may just have the best CB corps in the league.

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Daily Update: July 27, 2016

Football is an incredible game. Sometimes it’s so incredible, it’s unbelievable.” -Tom Landry, Hall of Fame Former Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

If you haven’t seen We Are Marshall, I HIGHLY encourage it. It is a sad story, but it is VERY inspirational. It also contains phenomenal acting performances. I use this quote because the NFL world has suddenly turned on it’s head. Congratulations New York Jets fans, you are likely more excited right now than any other fan base has been all offseason. I usually get deep and philosophical, but today has HUGE news that I’d like to get to right away:

  1. !!!!!!!THE NEW YORK JETS HAVE SIGNED QB RYAN FITZPATRICK!!!!!!!! No, you did not read that incorrectly. I will repeat: THE NEW YORK JETS HAVE SIGNED QB RYAN FITZPATRICK. Literally, just yesterday I read an article that said the Jets and Fitzpatrick were NOT EVEN CLOSE to an agreement on a contract. After the signing was announced today, Jets RB Matt Forte said the team knew about the negotiations, but were told not to speak about the matter. WHAT!? How in the WORLD did a NEW YORK-BASED team, especially one which is CONSTANTLY in the spotlight for being dramatic, manage to keep a secret THIS MASSIVE from THE MAFFIA (I mean, MEDIA)? I have NO IDEA how the Jets organization did it, but CONGRATULATIONS to their public relations department! The fact that they kept that TOTALLY secret (ALL media outlets have been consistently speaking about the distance between Fitzpatrick and the Jets) is ABSOLUTELY applause worthy! I can’t even fathom how that was possible! Sorry, rambling. Obviously, this changes things A LOT. I will need to update my win projections for the upcoming season, and QB Tom Brady’s suspension may very well hurt the New England Patriots now. Hopefully, I can finish that within the next week. Also, the contract is for one year, and $12 million, and get this: Fitzpatrick has the possibility of making $3 million more depending on team performance. This Jets team seems loaded and inspired. WOW!!!!!!
  2. Moving on from the Earth-shattering news, the Los Angeles Rams decided to release QB Nick Foles today following his request to be released. Obviously, Foles recognized there was no place for him in town with the arrival of #1 overall pick, QB Jared Goff. Possible landing spots for Foles include: Buffalo (insurance for starter Tyrod Taylor), Chicago (this one is just me hoping that SOMEBODY will finally recognize that Jay Cutler should NOT be starting), Cleveland (because, why not?), Denver (Peyton Manning replacement?), New England (Brady is suspended for the first four games of the season, remember?), San Francisco (this once is most likely, in my opinion because Foles is DEFINITELY superior to Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick, barring some career turnaround for either of those two).
  3. WR Hakeem Nicks will sign with the New Orleans Saints. I was really glad to see this headline. Nicks has a lot of talent, but was plagued by injuries during his time with the New York Giants, and was pushed out by the emergence of WR Victor Cruz (and replaced by a player that might sound familiar: Odell Beckham Jr). I still remember his incredible ‘Hail Mary’ catch right before halftime against the Green Bay Packers during the Giants divisional round game on their road to winning Super Bowl 46. Nicks is just 28 years old and New Orleans is a great landing spot for him. If you remember, one of my recent posts addressed the fact that the NFC South (specifically New Orleans) has a propensity to turn players’ careers around. Maybe with the fall of QB Drew Brees (only because he’s old, I’m not saying he’s not a good player anymore), will come the re-emergence of Nicks.
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick was not the only signing the Jets made today, as they also added RB Bernard Pierce. Maybe not as flashy, but Pierce used to be a capable fill-in in Baltimore when RB Ray Rice was dealing with his stupidity.
  5. Remember how I was saying yesterday that it wasn’t a good idea to sign players with off-the-field problems? Well, guess what Jerry? I was right! As a result of having three suspensions in their front seven, the Dallas Cowboys are facing a fine of $250,000. Obviously, that’s not anywhere NEAR enough to discourage ‘Boys owner Jerry Jones from taking talent over personality, but it’s a start.
  6. While the New York Jets have been keeping their mouths shut over their team’s matters, the other team that shares MetLife Stadium has not been. Today, instead of the epiphany coming from QB Eli Manning, it came from New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr, who made a Super Bowl promise to the young attendees of a football camp that he was hosting. Seriously, somebody needs to remind the Giants that they are in NEW YORK. If you make those promises, NEW YORK expects you to DELIVER. There IS a reason the Jets kept their mouths shut about the Fitzpatrick deal. It’s never a good idea to give New York fans a false sense of hope. If the whole team was made up of 53 Odell Beckham Jrs, I would definitely believe in his Super Bowl promise. Unfortunately, he isn’t playing on the offensive line, or in the linebacker corps. Super Bowl teams need to be a little more well-rounded. By the way, if you are right OBJ, I will give you a HUGE apology because I will be crying my eyes out in joy if the Giants win the Super Bowl. I would love to have that MASSIVE boost of happiness. That’s why I watch the game. That’s why I love the game. Football means the world to me because it always seems to be there to make me feel better when I need it the most. It’s magical.

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Daily Update: July 15, 2016 (aka Franchise-Tag Friday)

Chewie…we’re home.” -Han Solo (Harrison Ford)

In this case, I’m back to posting. I took a couple of days off for multiple reasons. One was to pursue the Madden legacy achievements that I mentioned previously. On that front, I am happy to report that I have successfully completed two seasons with Super Bowl victories, and am currently working on the third. My legacy score is somewhere around 5,781, and I need 20,000 to complete all legacy achievements in the game. The other reason was that I felt like I was starting to drift away from who I am too much, so I decided to re-focus (or re-center) myself by watching Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens again. I have officially seen it 11 times now; Twice with my family, Five times with my friends, and Four times by myself. Five of those times were in a movie theater. Sometimes one forgets how expensive it really is to go to the movies. Actually, I only had to pay one time. My family paid once, and different friends paid on the other three occasions. I have the best family and friends a guy could ever ask for. My friend group is really diverse, too! I’m friends with: Mormons and Atheists, Guys and Girls, Indians (from India, those from the US are Native Americans, not Indians. Columbus just made a mistake when he came to America for the first time) and Puerto Ricans and a Spaniard and a Frenchman (well, woman) and some of the whitest Americans you will ever meet! It’s awesome! Anyway, I’m spiraling. Though, now would be a good time to take a moment of silence for the tragedy that occurred in France(…………………………………………………………………)The point is this: you’ll be seeing a lot more Star Wars quotes for a while, along with much more positive views on the state of society (hopefully). Actually, I’ll probably just avoid talking about the state of society at all. DARN IT! I’m spiraling again! Anyway, as you can probably tell from the title: BIG NEWS IN THE NFL TODAY:

  1. The Denver Broncos have reached a deal with LB Von Miller. Miller is the first of three franchise-tagged players who were signed to long term deals before today’s 4pm Eastern Time deadline to do so. Miller again sets the record for the highest paid defensive player. Two seasons ago, Houston Texans DE JJ Watt broke the record. Last season, Miami Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh did. Now, Miller has set the new standard. That’s right folks, the contracts get more absurd every year. Shocking, right? Anyway, Miller’s deal is six-years long and is worth $114.5 million, including $42 million FULLY guaranteed with a $23 million signing bonus. Without the threat of Miller sitting the season out, the only thing the Broncos need to worry about heading into next season is their mess at QB.
  2. Speaking of absurd contracts, number two of the three franchise-tagged players receiving long-term deals today is New York Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson, who is ALSO receiving more money than Watt is from his record-setting deal two years back. Though not making as much as the aforementioned Miller, Wilkerson is still making $86 million over five seasons. That comes with $36.75 million fully guaranteed and a $15 million signing bonus.
  3. The last of the three is Baltimore Ravens K Justin Tucker. He signed a four-year deal worth $16.8 million. His deal contains $10.8 million fully guaranteed and a $6 million signing bonus.
  4. The NFL vs Tom Brady “Deflategate” debacle has FINALLY come to an end. Brady’s appeal of his four-game suspension at the beginning of the upcoming season was denied, and he has decided to stop pursuing the matter. Can you believe that the situation is JUST NOW ending? It seems like the deflated football story was AGES ago. Anyway, this just means my 1-3 projection for the Patriots first four games is NOT going to change. Also, Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke out against the process behind Brady’s suspension ruling. Dude, you have FOUR Super Bowls in the last FIFTEEN years! Most teams would be happy to have ONE! So, SHUT UP, PLEASE!!!
  5. In the wake of this Frenzied Friday, four franchise-tagged players were unable to reach long-term deals with their teams prior to today’s deadline: Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins, Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry (shame on you Kansas City! He fought his way back from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma to play AMAZING football for YOU! And THIS is how you repay him!? Attempting to put a disability clause in his contract!? I hope all of Chiefs ownership loses sleep, along with football games over this because they are CLEARLY NOT a class act. EXTREMELY unprofessional.), Los Angeles Rams CB Trumaine Johnson, and Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery (umm…who else are you paying exactly? Well, Green Bay and Minnesota will be happy to hear that you are not even attempting to win your division anymore, Chicago).
  6. Remember how Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy was under investigation for a night club fight in Philly, and it was rumored he might be suspended for the beginning of the season? Well, it turns out he is the least of Buffalo’s suspension problems in their backfield. Yesterday, rookie RB Jonathan Williams was arrested on suspicion of DWI. Today, RB Karlos Williams was handed a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Well, at least McCoy is the best of the three, right Buffalo?
  7. Speaking of suspensions, San Francisco 49ers LB Aaron Lynch is receiving one of the four-game variety himself for violating the NFL’s policy for substances of abuse. If it’s any consolation 49ers fans, your team would lose even WITH Lynch on the field.

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