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In my Writing class today, my professor reminded the class that we only had two weeks left of our first year of college, to which someone responded, “I feel so old!” -For the record, the look on my professor’s face as he turned to look at her…priceless- My teacher simply asked, “Excuse me?” It was a hilarious moment. Obviously I tend to agree more with my professor (that’s not to say he’s old, it’s just to say that I don’t feel very old). But it got me thinking. And this quote just enhanced that thought process.

I often think about time. Well, I often think period. But, the majority of the time, I think about time. (See what I did there?) It’s just that…time flows in an unusual way in perception. It’s all relative to what each of us is doing. But I think that, no matter how each of us perceives time individually, we all look back at the bigger picture and realize that it moves so much faster than we think it does in any one moment. Time is fleeting…We never have as much of it as we think we do. I believe that is why I end up procrastinating so often. I keep thinking I have more time, until the deadline is looming.

I also watched an episode of Psych today that made me think about it some more (time, that is). In the episode “High Top Fade Out“, Gus comments at one point, “So many things left unsaid…all those years of radio silence…I wish I could tell them how I really feel…” to which Shawn responds, “You have had countless opportunities in the last 48 hours…”

It probably sounds like I’m spiraling (partially because I am) but there is a point to this: stop waiting. I’m not just talking to all of you wonderful readers out there, but also to myself. There’s something I’ve been thinking about lately…something new to try, but I keep putting it off. This is my attempt to motivate myself to stop putting it off, stop putting things off in general. And I want to motivate y’all to do the same. Frankly, because it sucks to know deep down that you’re putting something off. It’s stressful and slightly distracting. Especially when you realize that…eventually…it might actually be too late.

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NBA Playoffs, Listen Don’t Speak

So, the NBA Playoffs are officially set! The bracket looks like this:

2017 04 12_21 58 20
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And it will eventually look like this:

NBA Playoff Predictions 2017
Courtesy of Yours Truly

It’s not the rematch the world wants, but it’s the rematch the world deserves. This time, skill trumps heart, as the addition of F Kevin Durant leads the Golden State Warriors to the 4-1 NBA Finals victory they almost had last year over the Cleveland Cavaliers, who play A LOT LESS like a team this year as compared to last year.

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Which leads quite nicely into the following lesson…
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True. We all construct our own reality through our vastly different perceptions.
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Quote of the Day

This Quote of the Day is one I know my mom will love, and it’s definitely one that belongs on a shirt! This quote is basically shouting, “Shut up and LISTEN!!!” That’s something very few people are actually capable of doing. I try to listen as frequently as possible (maybe that’s why I seem to have so many friends who won’t stop making noises with their face-holes).  Life is far more interesting if you spend more time listening than you spend speaking. If you listen, you’ll hear stories. Stories of happiness, sadness, love, catastrophe, etc. It’s amazing to hear so many different stories from so many different individuals, all sharing their highly unique version of reality based on what they perceive. If you ask a person to share ONE story with you, you can learn: their top priority in life, whether they are an optimist or a pessimist, how deeply they feel, how deeply they care, among so many other things. If you ask for many stories from many different individuals, you will be able to piece together your own, unique perception of reality by building off of the building blocks given to you by others. In fact, I’m challenging you: see how long you can go without speaking a single word while you’re awake. Just listen and think. I would venture to guess most people could not get past five hours, so that’s your goal (remember, the challenge only stands while you’re awake because you can’t really listen effectively if you’re asleep). Let me know how well you do.

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Sociology of Hair

Before I begin, I’d like to mention that Sunday was my two year anniversary of blogging! That’s right, two years ago Sunday I composed my first blog post. As you can tell, my blog has changed a lot since then, mostly due to the fact that I’ve changed a lot since then. I’m a vastly different person now than I was when I started this blog two years ago. Since then, I have gone from high school to college, I have learned how to live independently, I have experienced heartbreak, I have improved as a writer, I have learned how to better express myself, I have grown a very lush beard, etc. I’ll transcribe something a little more retrospective in a day or two, but I want to move on to the topic I came into this post wanting to write about:

So, I was sitting in my sociology class the other day and I was scanning the classroom when it suddenly occurred to me: more guys in the class had curly hair, while more girls in the class had straight hair. That made me curious: Why? When I originally googled it, I got the usual response about how women make up their hair like crazy. I wanted a better answer than that, so I decided to employ some researching techniques I have learned in my Writing class this quarter. I hopped over to Google Scholar (scholar.google.com) (if you haven’t tried it or heard of it, you’re now hearing about it and you should try it. It’s like a college library version of Google) and found this article about the sociology of hair.

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I didn’t find a definitive answer to my original inquiry, but I did find some interesting research on the perceptions of males and females with various hair colors. I found it so interesting, that I am including it in this post:

Male Perception of Female Hair Colors

  • Redheads: Active Executive Type, No-Nonsense, Physically Unattractive
  • Blondes: Beautiful, Rich, Extremely Feminine
  • Dark-Haired: Good, Intelligent, Familiar

Female Perception of Male Hair Colors

  • Redheads: Good, Effeminate, Timid and Weak
  • Blondes: Attractive, Successful, Happy
  • Dark-Haired: Average

Personally, I found both gender perceptions of redheads to be highly offensive, primarily because I am a redhead. However, the ‘weak’ portion definitely applies to me; I haven’t hit the gym since fall quarter. I also prefer that detailed description to the ‘average’ perception of dark-haired males. Also, I’ve dated a dark-haired girl before and neither ‘good’ nor ‘intelligent’ would necessarily hit the mark. So, I take this research with a grain of salt. It basically comes to the conclusion that a person is only attractive if they’re blonde, and that’s simply not true. Nevertheless, the article was a fascinating read, and I encourage you to take a closer look at it (maybe check out the sections about hair extensions, facial hair, etc). Also, the facial hair portion contradicted the hair color portion; Facial hair is stated to show masculinity (which makes sense since the ‘bearded lady’ is a circus act), which would counter the ‘effeminate’ view of redheads in my case. But, then, I already knew that I am a contradiction in pretty much every way imaginable.

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Defining Yourself

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Let me ask you a simple question:

Who are you?

I am TheHaysWay.

Now, let me ask you a complex question:

Who are you?

I am…

If you were to die tomorrow, who would you be remembered as? What would others write on your gravestone about you? (Insert name here) was the best employee he/she could be. (Insert name here) was the best student he/she could be. (Insert name here) was the best boss he/she could be. If you died tomorrow and you were the best you could be at something, would it be something meaningful? The conclusion you come to may be startling in terms of tomorrow because that is very much present based, as there isn’t a lot you can do in one day to change everyone’s perceptions of you. (If it would be something meaningful, I congratulate you. I would be willing to bet that it wouldn’t be something meaningful for the majority of the world’s population.)

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Now think about the same question with a greater time frame: If you were to die in ten days, who would you be remembered as? What would others write on your gravestone about you? This is slightly less present based. You would likely be able to change a perception or two of you. However, ten days still isn’t nearly enough to change everyone’s perceptions of you.

Now, an even greater time frame: If you were to die in ten months, who would you be remembered as? What would others write on your gravestone about you? Now we’re pushing the time orientation more. Now that we’re transitioning to a future-oriented perspective, you are being given enough time to change multiple perceptions of you. However, ten months still isn’t enough to change everyone’s perceptions of you.

A much greater time frame: If you were to die in ten years, who would you be remembered as? What would others write on your gravestone about you? Now we are in a total future-orientated perspective. Ten years is likely plenty of time to change everyone’s perceptions of you. Why? Because if you can commit to who you want to be remembered as and act according for ten whole years, people will likely believe that you truly are what you want to be.

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Now that you’ve reached a time frame in which you can change everyone’s perceptions of you, let’s take a look at all of the different time frames we just went through. We started with tomorrow. Then ten days. Then ten months. Then ten years. Think about each of those time periods when answering the question about who you’d be remembered as. Tomorrow seems pretty clear, huh? I’m guessing you would be spot on in predicting what you’d be remembered as if you died tomorrow. Ten days is fuzzier. Ten months is even fuzzier. Ten years seems invisible, huh? I’m guessing you would be totally off in predicting what you’d be remembered as if you died in ten years. It’s funny how as you change people’s perceptions of you, you are also changing your own perception of yourself. Not only is ten years significantly more time to convince other people of who you are (as compared to one day), but it’s also significantly more time to convince yourself of who you are.

I know that thinking ten years in the future is difficult. Believe me, as a college student, it’s hard for me to think a day into the future. Not only is it difficult, but it’s also terrifying. It’s scary because we don’t know what it holds. Our difficulty in seeing it results in our fear of it. Now think about this: you have absolutely no idea when you are going to die. Maybe it will be tomorrow. Maybe it will be in ten years. You don’t have to see into the future at all to know who you would be remembered as. So if you would be remembered as the best employee you could be or the best student you could be or the best boss you could be, why not make a change? Maybe it is too late for you to change that perception, but maybe it’s not. You couldn’t possibly know. Live everyday as the person you want to be remembered as, regardless of what you might currently be remembered as. Our actions define us, both past and future. Don’t regret your actions of the past, simply look forward to positive actions you can do in the future.

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So, be something more meaningful. Be the best father you can be. The best mother you can be. The best brother/sister you can be. The best friend you can be. The best husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend you can be. The best person you can be.

Who are you?

You are whoever you want to be. Because whoever you want to be is who you can be. It’s who you should be. It’s who you will be.

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