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I was having a conversation a few days ago with a great friend of mine when the subject of music came up. We were listening through each other’s playlists (if you’re on Spotify you’re welcome to check my playlist out. It’s called: “Billy’s Grand Vocal Mix” and it’s comprised of 251 of my favorite songs. It should be available for public listening. You’ll notice it says “vocal”, I’m still working on refining the instrumental side of my playlist that I plan to then combine to form my largest playlist ever.) while we were waiting for another one of our friends. The genres played were all over the place in both of our playlists…from movie music, to rock, to pop, to country, etc. For the record, country is so unfairly hated upon by my generation. I know what you’re thinking: “Typical Idahoan redneck!” but let me tell you something. Look past the heavy Southern accents and the unnecessary overuse (abuse, really) of banjos and acoustic guitars and listen to the lyrics. I don’t think there is any other genre that comes close to matching country music in depth of lyrical meaning. Think about it in comparison to the genres I listed above: Movie music is simply meant to accompany, not to make a statement; Rock is mostly about volume through electric guitar and drum set showcases (ask anyone who has gone to a rock concert); Pop showcases vocals sometimes and electronic “advances” in music the rest of the time. See what I’m saying? Here’s a tangible example of the lyrical depth of country music.

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These are many of the musical genres throughout history, but not all.

So we (me and my friend) were complimenting each other on our wide range of musical genres. It’s amazing how many people lock themselves into one or two genres and claim everything else is nauseating. This leads me to ask why people listen to music? I listen to music primarily for great vocals, great lyrics, and great rhythm. I don’t care what genre it is because you can find all three of those things in any genre! (When I say genre, I mean the widely accepted, overarching genres, not sub-genres. For example, k-pop and j-pop are both sub-genres of the genre of pop. I specify this so my sister can’t hold what I’m saying over my head in the future.) So my question of the day for y’all is:

Why do YOU listen to music?

And yes, I mean YOU. If you are listening to what you want without fear of judgement from those around you (people can be REALLY judgmental of others tastes in music, and yes, I can be guilty of this myself. Heck, this entire post is criticizing the people who restrict themselves to one or two genres!) what are you listening to and why?

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I’m Back-ish

As of today, the daily posts should officially be happening again. However, they might be a little less structured than before for the next two weeks. Let me explain. Now that Madden NFL 17 has been released, I’m trying to play it as much as possible. I have my alarm set to begin gaming at 5am, and I intend to game for the majority of the day until 9 or 10pm. I also require myself to get 6 hours of sleep. That means that I must go to sleep at 11pm, in order to wake up at 5am, and keep up my mental health. So, whatever time I have in between the end of my Madden day and 11pm is the amount of time I have to spend on everything I need to do, including this blog. So, the post length will likely vary from day to day. Which also means, some days there might only be daily news instead of daily news and a daily quote, or vice versa. Therefore, back-ish, is defined as back on schedule, but not back to full magnitude. Anyway, because today was the Madden NFL 17 release day, and I’ve been playing nearly non-stop since I received my copy at 10:07 am MDT, I’d like to talk about that:

  1. My newest gaming console is the Xbox 360, so some of the following information may not be consistent with what others have experienced on the newer consoles, such as the Xbox 1.
  2. When I booted up the game this morning, the first game mode that I jumped into was Madden Ultimate Team. So, my day started with a 60 overall bum squad. At the end of day 1, I am proud to report that my team is now up to a respectable, 76 overall. For perspective, there are four tiers that different players can be a part of in MUT. The goal of MUT is to collect various different NFL players, who can play for your team to help you win games and challenges. Basically, it’s fantasy football, except YOU get to play in the games. Anyway, the four tiers are as follows: Bronze (52-63 overall), Silver (64-71 overall), Gold (72-84 overall), Elite (85-99 overall). So, my team went from the Bronze tier to the Gold tier in about 12 hours.
  3. In terms of changes in this year’s version of the game, there were not a lot for the Xbox 360 version. The soundtrack is different this year, and seemingly for the worse. I have yet to hear a song that really got me pumped (any more than I already was) for football. Player agility seems to have a bigger role this year, which makes my bum squad more difficult to win harder challenges with…

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